Invest in long-lasting design concepts.

Simple and transparent. Our fixed prices let you plan within budget. No surprises. Paid days and weeks never
expire so you can easily shift them to new projects. And if you’re happy with our work you can always extend the
collaboration by any number of days or weeks.


One full day outside-of-the-box workshop. Together we’ll discuss your product lineup, your communication, and your projects under development. We spend a full day with your team and create new ideas.
980 €


Day by day. Our advanced offering is perfect if you want to start a new project. We will work with a clear design focus on a project that you can define. From drawings, models, up to finished prototypes ready for mass production. And we always take product communication into consideration.
1,560 € / day


Full time. You want full design know-how and results in a defined time? With our experience in completing budget-sensitive projects in complex and fast changing environments this full-time collaboration gives you complete access to our knowledge and resources.
6,400 € / week